The Trek 330 is a good old touring bike. The 330 is good for riding on Indiana's country roads. The standard gearing is wide enough for riding in more interesting areas of the country. I added clipless pedals, a better saddle, and a new front wheel, and now the bike is much more comfortable to ride. The new bearings and front wheel significantly increased my speed on a down hill tuck-and-drift test. This bike's 60 cm frame is a bit too big for me, so when I found the Vitus, I sold the Trek to a friend who is taller than I am. He still (2012·8) rides it, but with a number of modifications. My Trek served me well for three and a half years. I did my first 100 kilometer ride on this bike. The bike in riding condition (with pump and tools) weighs about 25 pounds.

When I still owned this bike, I tried to figure out when it was made. By the headbadge I know it was made between 1988 and 1992. From the catalogs on Vintage Trek, I know that my bike is not a '88 or '89. I'm fairly sure that it is a 1990. I still don't know the exact year.