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PodcastBaker is a quick Python script to create an iTunes compatable Podcast RSS feed from MP3 files in directory. There are currently two versions: one that uses the filenames and ID3v2 metadata to generate a Podcast, and one that scrapes webpages of feedless "podcasts" to create a true Podcast. I use the second version for

Flatwater Paddling Guide

The Flatwater Paddling Guide is a place for me to keep notes on where to canoe and kayak.

Pattern Formation in a Reaction-diffusion System

Pattern Formation in a Reaction-diffusion System

I spent several months working on this project at IPFW. I presented the results at the 2006 Indiana Academy of Science fall meeting. Results have been published in the August 2008 issue of the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos.

More details, including animations, are on this project's page.

Technology Cheat Sheet

Technology Cheat Sheet

People often ask me questions about anything technology related, so I made my own frequently asked questions site. This gives me a place to collect answers written the way I like them. Since my brother is asked the same questions, we have both contributed to the Cheat Sheet site.

Introduction to LabVIEW

Materials I created when teaching the LabVIEW portion of Electronics II.

Introduction to Astronomy

Presentation materials for an Introduction to Astronomy.

Ecommerce TA Site

I TAed SYS310 E-Commerce at Taylor in spring semester 2004. I wrote examples for the concepts and assignments. My ecommerce TA site was a good introduction to SQL and php. The old student sites have recently been taken down.

TUSat1: Digital Communications Satellite

Taylor University is building a pico-satellite. Our satellite, TUSat1, is a double CubeSat. TUSat1 is an experimental communications satellite intended to be used for email in remote missions fields. I was one of three students leading the project. Most of my work was on the communications system. The satellite should be launched when the software is completed.

See also, official site, or my related blog posts.

Virtual Serial Port (RS-232 over TCP/IP)

As part of the satellite project and my operating systems class, I worked on a daemon for serial (RS-232) communications over a network. The goal is to allow multiple programs to access a serial port on a Linux box over a network. This would make maintenance and administration of the satellite radio room at school much easier. The basic version is working.

Yes, I know you can perform the basic functions of this daemon using common bash commands. This project was to provide a more stable, secure, multi-user option. This is no longer needed and will not be updated or released.

Merels Robot

My AI class semester project (spring 2002) was to make a robot to play the game Merels (Nine Man Morris.)


I wrote an update to WheatBlog, an open source web journaling (blog) program. I ran the news section of my school website on my version (0.02β) of WheatBlog. The next official release (WheatBlogApp 0.03β) was a rewrite by Wheat, the original designer. LegoBoy and I continued with my version of WheatBlog. LegoBoy eventually decided to do a complete rewrite of our version. The LegoBoy blog was used for years on several Schutt Design sites.