I was asked for my opinion on an article “Global Cooling - The REAL Inconvenient Truth” by Keith Schaefer, so here is a quick summary.

First, this is a reprint from “Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin,” which obviously is not a neutral source. All the alleged points are either zombie ideas (dead ideas that have already been shown false, but keep moving around), or just plain misinterpretations.

The author uses a strange mix of accepting the science and rejecting other tightly coupled knowledge learned the same way. The author accepts the historical record up to several decades ago, saying, “We know this because scientists have several methods to estimate historic weather…” But for recent years his facts are incorrect. His other points are simply things that have been included in the scientific consensus for years; they alter the temperature one way or another while still leaving the end result of human caused global warming.

Here is a partial list of problems in this article: