Koehlinger Cycling and Fitness is now out of business. Koehlinger’s was where I bought my first ‘real’ (from a bike store, not a department store) bike, a steel Giant mountain bike. My sister still rides that bike. Koehlinger’s was the best place to find small parts for repairing older bikes, but I was more likely to buy expensive parts from Summit City. I think Koehlinger concentrated too much on fitness equipment recently. They went along with the Trek Only silliness of a few years ago, pricing the store above similar bikes from across town. Combine that with a bad location compared to the other local bike shop, and now they are out of business.


  • News-Sentinel: Koehlinger Cycling a casualty of slow U.S. economy
  • Journal Gazette: Cycling, fitness shop closes Economy ‘part of it’; ‘ambitious’ strategy, loss of deals factors