What a bunch of idiots. You'd think they would have learned by now, but no. Bob Kennedy (Fort Wayne associate director of public works) is working hard to make sure Fort Wayne's floods are worse. He just presented the city's new 'flood control' plan for Woodhurst and Foster Park. The city is going to create over a mile of levees and concrete walls at Foster Park. There is no rational reason for creating new levees in Fort Wayne. This new project will do several things:

  • Cost lots of money.
  • Have a neutral effect on flooding in Woodhurst. (Minor floods won't be a problem, but big ones will be worse.)
  • Cause worse flooding in the poor neighborhoods just down stream.
  • Cause worse flooding downtown.
  • Force the city to create more levees between Foster Park and downtown, wasting more money, causing worse flooding, &c.;
  • Destroy parts of one of my favorite running trails.

They could do something logical, like buy more land in the flood plane to plant trees on. But that would cost less and be more effective, so it won't happen.