For the past few years I have been trying to go canoeing more often. This summer, I have gone canoeing more frequently than other years. I still wanted to paddle more often, so I decided to buy a solo boat. I looked at the local shops and on eBay trying to find the right boat. I had just about settled on the Wenonah Rendezvous. Then, last week, I finally found a deal. A guy in Illinois listed a Wenonah Advantage on eBay. I bought it. I wasn't able to pick it up until this weekend. Saturday night I camped at Shades. Sunday morning I took pictures at Turkey Run. Sunday afternoon I picked up the canoe. The drive home took much longer than I was expecting. I ended up not being able to try the canoe until this morning. I paddled around the lake at Fox Island getting a feel for how the boat handles. I used several paddles, practiced rocking and leaning the boat, and fiddled with the position of the seat. After a few laps around the lake, I felt comfortable with this canoe. The Advantage is a very fast canoe. It was amazingly easy to zip back and forth across the lake. Since the canoe weighs only thirty-two pounds, it is much easer to load on a car than Dad's eighty-six pound Royalex canoe. It took three months of seriously looking to pick a boat. Being patient paid off. I ended up spending less than I expected, and buying a nicer boat than I thought I could afford. I'm looking forward to paddling more!