Friday night, Dad and I spent some time using the school's 8 inch Celestron telescope. Even with the light pollution in Fort Wayne---I have seen the glow of town from thirty miles away---we were able to get some good views. The planets are bright now, so we started with them. Venus is now visible as a bright crescent. I don't remember seeing it as a thin crescent before. Moving up the ecliptic, we saw Mars, then Saturn, then Jupiter. I tried to watch an eclipse on Jupiter's surface, but was never able to see the shadow. Dad found some double stars that we don't usually look for. Dad also found M13 and---I'll avoid the obvious pun---comet NEAT. The comet is now at its closest approach to the sun. Because of the light pollution, it just looked like a fuzzy spot in the sky. It was still cool to see a new comet!