Sunday afternoon I rode the entire Rivergreenway bike trail in Fort Wayne. I've ridden the north-south section many times---and skated most of it---but never the east-west section. One section downtown where that used to follow some sidewalks now has a section of trail. Other than the sections around Foster Park (where I usually skate) and Headwaters Park (downtown) the trail is in poor condition. The city should redo most of the Rivergreenway. The east-west section run by the county really needs work. A big chunk of the county trail fell into the river during the flooding last summer. Other than Headwaters and Foster Park, which are used heavily, the maintenance could be better. I think that the city should invest a lot more money in the Rivergreenway. The neglected sections of the trail should be improved and more trail should be added. There should be alternate routes so that the Rivergreenway is not completely blocked by high river levels. (Many sections of the trail run just above the normal river level. Any level over normal will food sections.) An expanded trail would make using a bike as transportation in Fort Wayne much safer. An improved tail might help Ft. W. not be number four on the list of fattest cities in the US. (See the CDC study on fat cities. I can't find a link to the study, only lots of newspaper articles mentioning it.)