I just finished reading Pollution and the Death of Man by Francis Schaeffer. This is a very good book showing the connection between today's environmental issues and Christian heresies. It doesn't take much thinking and observation to realize that Schaeffer is correct. The vast majority of Christians hold the views that Schaeffer criticizes in this book. Everyone should read it. Pollution and the Death of Man should be required reading for one of the mandatory general education classes that at Taylor.

It would be nice if more Christians would think about---and act on---important issues like this. It is very disappointing that most Christians act so poorly on environmental issues. It is bad enough that the average American has such bad environmental views, but seeing that these views originally came from Christian heresy makes it even worse.

At least there are still some thinking Christians. I've been going to Sunday night meetings at Church of the Lamb in Fort Wayne. They have been having a good series of talks on various issues. It is nice to be able to go somewhere that people are actually thinking.