A few weeks ago I took three rolls of pictures of small birds at Fox Island County Park. I was mostly taking pictures of woodpeckers and nuthatches. I shot expired Kodak film that I bought from the ETC. I got the slides back yesterday. The exposures were good. As usual, the out-of-date film was fine. I have twenty-seven rolls of the stuff left to shoot!

It is amazingly hard to get a good composition of a small bird. Even though I was using a 600mm lens from four or so (up to around ten) meters away, I should have been much closer. The image size in the closest pictures was pretty good, but past five meters, the birds were way too small. When taking pictures of small birds, the view through the lens feels closer than it is. Next time, I'll have to get even closer. When birds are on a branch a few feet off the ground, it is hard to avoid a distracting background, so even my close pictures weren't great. I was able to get a nice catch-light from the sun in the bird's eyes for most of the pictures.