Woah! What a week. We've had great weather, so I've spent lots of time outside. On Monday, David (my roomie) and I went jumping into snow drifts and sledding. On Tuesday, I went skiing. Then it warmed up and most of the snow melted, so I went on a snow drift run. On Friday, there was a good game of soccer in the slush. Saturday, it cooled off and we got eight inches of snow! I had to work on a lab until 2300. But Saturday night was great for playing in the snow. For some reason people didn't want to come out and play. It ended up just being my roommate, a girl he knows, and me jumping into snow drifts. Church was canceled on Sunday, so I spent the morning cross country skiing. I spent Sunday night in the lab again. Now after spending my entire Monday in Nussbaum, I can't wait to go skiing tomorrow! (After a good night of sleep.)

I also decided to make bikes a new section of my web site.