Woah! Lots of things have happened since I posted here last. The Columbia exploded. I was about to go cross-country skiing, when Dad told me to come down and look at the TV. A few minutes after I came down, they started saying the Columbia had been lost, and that it wasn't just a radio problem. I don't really know what to say . . .

During J-term I took Art as Experience. Taking an art class was a good break from science classes. I really enjoyed the trip to Chicago. The Art Institute was very interesting.

I spent a lot of time during January looking for a new bike. I bought a Vitus 979 with full Shimano 600 (Ultegra) components and Mavic tubular rims. I got a very good deal on Ebay. I just need to replace a few bearings before I start riding it.

I got a replacement for my old notebook last fall, but didn't use it because the PC Card slot didn't work. Dad took it apart and found that one of the internal connectors wasn't plugged in. It works wonderfully now.

Spring semester started on Monday. This should be a good semester. I'll probably post some of my Microcomputer Interfacing projects later.