After the success of the St Joseph River Watershed Initiative, its good to see that there is now a St Marys River Watershed Project. Before the SJRWI the St Joe water was so bad that it stung to touch it, now it is a good place to canoe. The St Marys Sewer River is in desperate need of a cleanup. I’ve paddled the St Marys from the Ohio border to its confluence with the St Joe to form the Maumee, and I wouldn’t recommend making this trip. In the summer there is a large visible and olfactory difference between the St Joe and St Marys rivers. In a short paddle through the confluence from the St Marys to the St Joe, the look of the water changes, the fish are swimming instead of floating, and the smell disappears. I’m hoping the SMRWP is successful and the St Marys becomes a nice healthy river.