I’m still freaked out by webcams. It is nice having a camera on my computer for the occasional video-chat, but I’m still reminded of 1984.

Since most notebook computers and many desktops now include webcams, it’s nice to see that some now have lens caps built in. Although, this still leaves the problem of the internal microphone; and we still need to get everyone to stop adding gratuitous cameras to computers and cell phones. When I want to use a camera, I’ll use a good one, not an integrated toy that wastes space and battery life in another tool. If I could replace my MacBook with one without iSight, I would.

I may as well mention that the webcam can be used for security; for example Wakelog Pictures. But something like this should only be used if you have a good reason. In general, the proliferation of integrated cameras is a bad idea, but at least we haven’t reached the CCTV big brother problem that England has a reputation for.