In a welcome change from projects like the Foster Park Flood Creation Project, which will make downtown flooding worse, a reasonable approach is being used in one Fort Wayne neighborhood. Homeowners in an area along Junk Ditch are being given the option of selling their houses to the city. According to the News-Sentinel, nearly half of the homeowners in the neighborhood are taking the offer. This will allow the area to be cleared of development, becoming a green space that can absorb flood water.

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In related news, I spent last Sunday afternoon with Dad and several Little River Wetlands Project volunteers documenting a new conservation easement. One-hundred and forty acres of private land along the Little Wabash River floodplain are being restored. We took a bunch of 360° panoramas and GPS points at key locations on the property. These pictures can repeated every few years to track the changes to the land. Unfortunately, the county surveyor’s office is about to denude the bank along that section of the Little River.