In surprising good news, the Fort Wayne city council passed–and the mayor signed–a residential light pollution law. This is something I have supported for at least twelve years. I can see the point of some on the council that this shouldn’t be a law, but their reasoning is wrong. It shouldn’t need to be a law. Not creating unnecessary light pollution should be common sense. Not pointing a light at a neighbor’s house is common courtesy. If more people thought before acting, this wouldn’t need to be a law. Few do, so the new light pollution ordinance is a very important new law. I hope the county sees the light and passes a similar law.

Those on the correct side of the vote: John Shoaff, Karen Goldner, Tim Pape, Glynn Hines, and Marty Bender. Those on the wrong side: Liz Brown, Tom Didier, Tom Smith, and Mitch Harper.

The passage of this ordinance is surprising because so many in Fort Wayne are intentionally anti-green. This contrarianism can be seen in the News-Sentinel headline, putting light pollution in quotes.

Today’s state news isn’t good. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is eliminating the Office of Enforcement. Not a surprising move, considering Mitch Daniels’ reelection.