Sturmey-Archer is introducing the S3X hub this winter. The S3X is a fixed-gear three-speed hub. This will be about perfect for commuting and winter riding around here. This is one product I have been wanting for several years. I have an old touring frame sitting around begging for this hub. Sturmey-Archer hasn’t made a three-speed fixie hub in years. If you can find a used ASC hub, it will be very expensive. There is also a possibility that SRAM will give Sturmey-Archer some competition.

For those who don’t know, the Sturmey-Archer AW is the classic three-speed hub. It is also one of the best mechanical designs of all time. The AW has been in production since 1936.

Another product I am looking forward to trying is Pedro’s Vise-Whip. The normal way of removing a cassette is to use a chain whip and a lockring tool. The Vise-Whip replaces the chain whip. It is basically a Vise-Grip with the jaws replaced with a special version to clamp on sprockets without damaging them. This should be easier to use than a chain whip. It is definitely better than my usual method of clamping an old chain in my large Vise-grip and using it as a chain whip.

(Found through Cyclingnews)