This weekend I was able to go to a Bill Mallonee concert in Zionsville. This time it was Bill Mallonee with Muriah Rose on the keyboard. It was a good concert with some good new songs. Some were so new he needed lyric sheets. The coffee house crowd was quiet and the sound system was very good. This was my sixth Bill Mallonee concert.

Saturday was my first ride of the year with the Delaware County Cycling Club. The schedule said the ride started at 8:00. Only four of us showed up, so we took an easy ride in town until 9:00. The delay was ok because it gave me a chance to pickup the banana I had forgotten. The ride leader and a bunch of others showed up around nine. Even riding in a group, the wind made a challenging 65 km ride. During the last section of the ride I talked to Dave Poole of AeroCat bikes. He was riding his ACR500 frame. It is a nice looking carbon road frame. After the ride, he showed me some prototypes, including a carbon mountain bike frame he is working on. It looks really good. After the club ride, I rode a bit extra for a total of 110 km.