I went up to Love Creek on Saturday. Love Creek County Park is in Berrien County Michigan, just north of South Bend. Being east of Lake Michigan, they get plenty of lake-effect snow. They have well-groomed tracks for both skating and classic skiing. I skated 27.5 km and classic skied 6.5 km. I doubled the time I have spent on skate skis. I really improved my skating technique. I had planed to spend most of my time on classic skis, but I was having so much fun skating that I just kept going. I only did two laps on my classic skis. I spent most of that time stopped adjusting my kick wax. I later found out the temperature was several degrees cooler than I thought it was. I still haven't figured out why one ski gripped, while the other one slipped. They were both prepared the same way. Skating sure was fun.