We had three skiable days this week. On Wednesday, I took my new classic skis to Fox Island. There was just enough snow to ski. After an hour, I ran out of new trails to break, so I switched to my old Fischer BC Country Crown skis. This was my first direct comparison between waxable touring skis and waxless ‘back country’ skis. It is amazing how much faster the waxable skis are.

On Thursday, I spent some time on the Country Crown skis at Foster Park. There wasn't enough snow to go over my tracks more than once. I ended up skiing in a spiral around the golf course. I missed the extra glide of the waxable skis. Foster Park used to be my standard skiing spot. The past couple years I spent most of my skiing time at Fox Island.

Friday, a few guys from the Fort Wayne Kayak (and canoe) Club went skiing at Chain o' Lakes SP. I have spent lots of time canoeing at Chain o' Lakes, but had never been there in the winter. The snow map showed twice as much snow there, so I decided to join them. I arrived late, but caught up quickly. The conditions were better than predicted. There were enough sticks poking through the snow that I decided to use my old skis. I skied with the group for a couple hours, then by myself for a couple more hours. It was a great day. The snow was (mostly) good, there were snow covered trees, cirrostratus clouds, and fresh trails to break. Chain o' Lakes is a great place to ski. There are easy flat trails and some good hills. The winter traffic is much lower than I expected, so the snow was still in great shape. I skied an easy 25 km.

I was going to try the trails at Pokagon SP this morning, but the warm weather and rain started early.