Today I rode Three Rivers Velo Sport Chilly Challenge. I missed the start, so I had to take a couple shortcuts to catch up with the group. It was snowing almost the entire ride. Then there was the wind. 18 mi/hr gusting to 35. It wasn't too bad until the stop to watch the polar bear swim. I dressed for riding, not standing around. It took most of the ride for me to warm up again. Unfortunately, Fort Wayne uses lots of salt on the roads, so the spray of slush when riding on the larger roads caused a cold rear. It was the coldest I have been in several years. It was still a fun ride. I rode with the small group that took the long route. I ended up riding about 27 km. There was still plenty of chili left when we got back to the start.

It is still snowing. It looks like I will be able to go skiing tomorrow.