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First ski of the season

I finally got to ski for the first time this season. We got a heavy dusting of light dry snow on Friday night. The dusting was just enough to use my rock skis on the fairways at the Foster Park golf course. Living so far south and at such a low elevation, it may be [...]

2012 Chilly Challenge and Unicycle Cranks

One of the local cycling club’s fun annual events is the Chilly Challenge New Year’s Day ride and Chilli Dinner. I usually ride the four miles to the start, ride the 25 mile route with the club, eat some chili, then ride home. In 2010, I learned to unicycle, so three of us unicycled an [...]

Flying Unicycles

I’ve been over a year since I learned to unicycle and nearly a year since I started municycling. Since you probably haven’t heard the term, muni—short for mountain unicycle—means riding a unicycle off-road. I typically ride at one of the local mountain bike trails with my brother and maybe a friend. I’ve progressed from a [...]

The Big One

I got to ride a unicycle with a 36 inch diameter wheel: It’s amazing how smoothly the large tire rolls over bumps. Once you get it spinning, it wants to keep going. It will take a while to get used to sitting so high off the ground though.

On learning…

Learning is strange. Sometimes you get something, and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you pound your head for hours trying to solve a problem, then later go back to it and solve it in minutes. I have two good examples: This spring, I decided to learn to unicycle. And not just riding on smooth streets to [...]

Learning to Unicycle

I’ve been learning to unicycle the past few weeks, and just got to the point where I can go an a 7 kilometer ride. So, while everything is fresh in my mind, here are some of the tips that helped me learn: Put all your weight on the seat. As a bicyclist, I’m used to [...]

One wheel

My mountain bike lost a wheel. Well, not really. I’ve been learning to unicycle, and am now good enough to ride the easiest part of the closest dirt trail. Wooh.