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The no-snow belt

Today is a good example of the no-snow belt that is centered on Fort Wayne. The snowless band is easy to see in this morning’s NOHRSC snow map: There is almost enough snow up at Love Creek to make it worth driving to Berrien County to ski tomorrow.

First Flowers and the 48 Hour Winter

This year was the shortest winter in memory, lasting from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon on the weekend of January 20—22. Fortunately, I had put enough time on the NordicTrac to make the most of the snow when it finally came. But now the long season of not-winter-not-spring is over, and it is spring. I’ve [...]

First snow of the season

We finally got the first snow of the 2011–2012 winter. I got out early on Saturday and set tracks on most of the paths at Fox Island, with double tracks on the wider ones. We had the busiest day of rentals we have had in a couple seasons. Sunday morning I went in early and [...]

First ski of the season

I finally got to ski for the first time this season. We got a heavy dusting of light dry snow on Friday night. The dusting was just enough to use my rock skis on the fairways at the Foster Park golf course. Living so far south and at such a low elevation, it may be [...]

Clean your windshield

Yesterday was a good example of why it is important to always clean your car’s windshield completely before driving. I didn’t see the accident take place, but a car that was parked on the street was pushed about fifty feet down the road, onto the grass, and into a tree. This caused quite a bit [...]

The last of the snow

Yesterday the last of the big snow pile disappeared. There hasn’t been any skiable snow in two and a half weeks, but yesterday the last of the big pile of shoveled snow disappeared. This year had slightly more skiable days than the past few years. It was also the first time I remember that little [...]

Physics and you

Now that we’ve had the first dusting of snow for the season, it’s time for a friendly reminder of one reason everyone needs to understand some physics. Static friction is greater than kinetic friction.* In other words, if you aren’t sliding, it is easy to stay not sliding. Once you start sliding, it is hard [...]

First snow (kinda)

We had almost enough snow to ski yesterday. I went skiing anyway. There was just enough snow that I could kinda ski on the fairways at Foster Park. Each kick would hit grass, but I was able to get a little glide. It wasn’t much, but at least it was skiing earlier in the year [...]

2007-2008 skiing wrap up

Skiing is over for 2007-2008. This winter I upgraded from waxless skis, improved my technique, and explored new trails. The past three winters I spent almost every skiable day working at Fox Island, so I didn’t have a chance to ski other places. This year I worked at Fox Island over Christmas break. The rest [...]

Skiing at Love Creek

I went up to Love Creek on Saturday. Love Creek County Park is in Berrien County Michigan, just north of South Bend. Being east of Lake Michigan, they get plenty of lake-effect snow. They have well-groomed tracks for both skating and classic skiing. I skated 27.5 km and classic skied 6.5 km. I doubled the [...]