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Customizing Safari Reader in 5.1, the solution

This is the current version of my article on altering the appearance of Safari Reader. The version for Safari 5.0 is still up, as is my original request for help with 5.1. When Safari 5.0 was released, I was excited about the new Reader feature, but had to edit a file inside the application package [...]

Customizing Safari Reader in 5.1

Summary: Solved! The solution is here. Thanks to Nikita Prokopov for telling me how to do this (see comment below). If you want to restore Safari 5.0, you can use this hint or the other method in the comments. Safari Reader is an important feature that Apple added to its Safari web browser in version [...]

BlockTarget and more on not opening new windows

One of annoyances of using the web is that many webmasters (or at least their managers) think that forcing a browser to open a new window is a good idea. As I’ve said a number of times, creating a website that automatically opens a new window is almost always a Bad Idea. To eliminate this [...]

Customizing Safari 5 Reader

This applies to all versions Safari 5.0, for Safari 5.1 see my new post. Safari 5 adds an excellent new feature: Safari Reader. This not only pulls the main text out of a webpage—as is done in bookmarklets such as Arc90′s Readability—it also consolidates an entire multi-page article. This greatly improves the legibility and interface [...]