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Swimming in March

The March heatwave that the midwest has been suffering has been so long and hot that the water is already warm. I went on a 15 mile run at Fox Island, and 12 miles in decided to see how warm Bowman Lake was. I’d heard that the surface of the water was warm, so I [...]

Nine days later

In my race report for the 2011 HUFF 50k I linked to a video showing a long section of 22 inch deep water that we ran through. The lakes have drained well in the past week, here is what the wettest section of trail looked like nine days after the race: The water on race [...]

My first marathon

I successfully completed my first marathon last Saturday. Then I finished the last six miles of the race. For years, I have wanted to run marathons, but until last Saturday never got around to entering one. I usually bicycle (and the past two years, mountain unicycle) a lot more than I run, but this summer [...]

A friendly reminder for all drivers

Now that the slippery season is here, it’s time for a friendly reminder to drivers: Respect pedestrians and cyclists In addition to the general caution required of all drivers at all times, please remember to avoid splashing those of us on foot or bicycle. There is usually enough space on the road to move over [...]

The Barkley Marathons

I recently heard about The Barkley Marathons ultra, held each March just west of Knoxville. Barkley isn’t just a ‘normal’ 100 mile ultramarathon. It’s more of an orienteering course that intentionally sends you through every available briar patch and up every steep hill available. And they don’t tell you the start time until one hour [...]

Pod Trod

For those who insist on running with iPods, here is a good race idea. Come up with several courses with the same starting and ending points. Runners randomly download course directions to their iPod. When the race starts, you hit play, and follow the directions. The Kansas City Trail Nerds recently did this with three [...]