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The Bakken Formation Oil email

There is a new email circulating claiming that if we’d just drill for oil in the Bakken Formation, we could have inexpensive gas and could free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. I was asked for my take on the email, so here is my evaluation. As always with this type email, the conclusion turns [...]

The myth of American gasoline

Since the price of gasoline in the US is increasing again, the talk making ridiculous claims about gas prices are too. For example, I recently received a chain email titled “Buy AMERICAN Gasoline”. This particular email (which I won’t help spread by posting a link) claims that we should buy “AMERICAN” gasoline or we will [...]

“Free from foreign oil”

I’m sick of the phrase “free from foreign oil.” I’ve heard this phrase a lot with the party conventions the last couple weeks. People who use this phrase are missing the point. The correct phrase is “free from oil.”