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Proficient Motorcycling by David L Hough

I first read Proficient Motorcycling by David L Hough back in college when a motorcycle-owning friend recommended reading it before buying a motorcycle. Proficient Motorcycling immediately made it on my short list of recommended books. When I first posted my list of Books Everyone Should Read I wrote: This is the book on safe motorcycle [...]

Safe driving

Since the weather has been so warm and dry this year, the fair-weather bicyclists and motorcyclists are already out. That means it’s a good time to post a link to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s For Car Drivers website, and my own page on Safe driving around bicycles. It is also a good time to recommend [...]

AMA Vintage Days Vetter Fuel Challenge

I’ve been following Craig Vetter’s motorcycle fuel economy projects for a couple years, and just noticed that he posted impressive new results. His goal is to create a vehicle that can safely and comfortably carry four bags of groceries on the highway on a windy day, and still get over 100 miles per gallon. In [...]