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No Batteries Available

Summary: The Battery Connector/Sleep Sensor unit was loose and dirty. Today I fixed a MacBook Core Duo that wasn’t recognizing its battery. The battery was charged and the computer would run on battery power, but it had several problems: The battery icon on the Menu Bar had an “x” in the center. The battery status [...]

MacBook screens

There are rumors that Apple may reintroduce matte screens as an option on their notebooks. Apple can’t return to glare free displays soon enough! I’m looking forward to buying an aluminum computer once they fix this design flaw. The latest 13 inch MacBook Pro would be almost perfect with an anti-glare screen. [Update 2009-08-11] Anti-glare [...]


The hard drive on my MacBook crashed. It took two weeks to get it back the way I like it. It took a week to get a new drive and do a temporary restore. I then had to use it as-is for a few days. I then went back and did a fresh install and [...]