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More on the definition of ‘hack’

To go along with yesterday’s post, here are two stories that were shared with me: First, Ben Popper of Betabeat realized that he had been using the term hack incorrectly, and mostly fixed his usage in his article “Hacked to Death: A Brief History of Tech’s Most Two-Sided Term”. Second, David Goldman of CNN demonstrates [...]

The News of the World Scandal

I can’t take it anymore! Nearly every time I have listened to or read the news few weeks I have heard the term “hacking” abused, usually in reference to News of the World. The constant references to “The News of the World phone hacking scandal“ show that these reporters are hopelessly clueless in technical matters, [...]

0 for 2

Infrared/visible hybrid photograph taken before modifying the camera: Warning: If you try this and get zapped, it is your own fault! Large capacitors are dangerous! I enjoy infrared photography. I have experimented with film and digital IR photography over the past few years. I usually use a D70 with a good IR filter. This works [...]

University server “hacked”

I just received an email from the university saying that the server for faculty and student webpages has been compromised. The message goes on to say it was due to a Microsoft bug and that “pages were defaced, indicating they were hacked.” This one email shows two serious problems. The first is that University Computing [...]