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Tag Archives: Fox Island

Red-headed woodpecker

On Tuesday, I found a red-headed woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) hanging out at Fox Island. I heard it and got a good look at it a couple hours after the first time I saw it, so I got a good ID and know it was around for a while. The park manager told me that has [...]

Swimming in March

The March heatwave that the midwest has been suffering has been so long and hot that the water is already warm. I went on a 15 mile run at Fox Island, and 12 miles in decided to see how warm Bowman Lake was. I’d heard that the surface of the water was warm, so I [...]

First Flowers and the 48 Hour Winter

This year was the shortest winter in memory, lasting from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon on the weekend of January 20—22. Fortunately, I had put enough time on the NordicTrac to make the most of the snow when it finally came. But now the long season of not-winter-not-spring is over, and it is spring. I’ve [...]

First snow of the season

We finally got the first snow of the 2011–2012 winter. I got out early on Saturday and set tracks on most of the paths at Fox Island, with double tracks on the wider ones. We had the busiest day of rentals we have had in a couple seasons. Sunday morning I went in early and [...]

Snow and rain

We finally got enough snow to open the ski rentals at Fox Island for several days. It’s raining tonight, but we were able to ski for six days. On a couple of the days, there was just enough snow to use my good skis if I was careful to avoid rocks and sticks. I’m still [...]

2007-2008 skiing wrap up

Skiing is over for 2007-2008. This winter I upgraded from waxless skis, improved my technique, and explored new trails. The past three winters I spent almost every skiable day working at Fox Island, so I didn’t have a chance to ski other places. This year I worked at Fox Island over Christmas break. The rest [...]

Comparing skis and exploring new trails

We had three skiable days this week. On Wednesday, I took my new classic skis to Fox Island. There was just enough snow to ski. After an hour, I ran out of new trails to break, so I switched to my old Fischer BC Country Crown skis. This was my first direct comparison between waxable [...]