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Are skeptics more knowledgable?

Last week I wrote that Open Access is important because it allows anyone to easily check that news articles match the science paper they claim to be reporting on. Today I was asked to comment on an article that turns out to be an excellent case study. The paper in question was published today in [...]

If I Wanted America to Fail

One of the latest attacks on reasonable energy policy and conservation is a popular YouTube video titled “If I wanted America to fail,” produced by Free Market America. I was going to ignore this one, but one person asked for an evaluation, and another accused me of being a “lib” who can’t offer a “meaningful [...]

Perceptions of distance

It is amazing how perceptions of distance can differ between modes of transportation. One of the reasons I mostly stopped mountain biking years ago was the unfavorable comparison of total time dedicated to a ride and the actual ride time spent riding. The closest off road spot is a frustrating 25 minute or so drive [...]

Data Furnaces

I read an interesting conference paper proposing the concept of a Data Furnace. The idea is that instead of placing servers in large server farms that must use significant power for cooling, smaller clusters of servers can be be distributed to locations that can use the additional heat, such as homes and apartment buildings. While [...]

Libertarians and the Earth

I am pro-clean air. I am pro-clean water.—Rand Paul Libertarians invariably claim they want clean air and water, but then go out of the way to ensure that gratuitous damage to the earth continues. An example of this pattern is Senator Rand Paul’s recent attempt to prevent the EPA from regulating cross-state pollution from power [...]

Changing Planet, Changing Health by Epstein and Ferber

It is no longer a luxury to make our economy low-carbon and sustainable. It’s a matter of preventing harm to the species who dwell on the Earth, including our own. Just as an ailing patient can recover, so can an ailing planet. But we must act now. [page 5] Changing Planet, Changing Health by Paul [...]

AMA Vintage Days Vetter Fuel Challenge

I’ve been following Craig Vetter’s motorcycle fuel economy projects for a couple years, and just noticed that he posted impressive new results. His goal is to create a vehicle that can safely and comfortably carry four bags of groceries on the highway on a windy day, and still get over 100 miles per gallon. In [...]

St. Marys River Watershed Project

After the success of the St Joseph River Watershed Initiative, its good to see that there is now a St Marys River Watershed Project. Before the SJRWI the St Joe water was so bad that it stung to touch it, now it is a good place to canoe. The St Marys Sewer River is in [...]

Emerald Ash Borer update

One year ago I mentioned that the Emerald Ash Borer had reached our neighborhood. Today the city is going down our street removing Ash trees. The Ash trees on our street have been infested since last year, but are still half-alive. In the neighborhood east, I noticed a row of five large dead trees, continued [...]

Reading the Landscape of America by May Theilgaard Watts

I just read Reading the Landscape of America by May Theilgaard Watts. It is an excellent popular introduction to understanding what you see as you walk and drive around the USA. Reading the Landscape of America contains good descriptions of succession and development in various communities, extending back to the last ice age. This helps [...]