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Wind power in Wells County

Apex Wind Energy’s wind farm project in Wells County will begin in the spring. The wind farm will consist of eighty-seven turbines. It looks like they will be using 1.8 MW turbines, forming a 156.6 MW farm. This means the Wells County wind farm will add 10% to Indiana’s Net Summer Renewable Capacity. With a [...]

Cheap, Abundant Power: CSP

One option for cheap, abundant power is concentrated solar: CSP is an easy, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and renewable source of energy. It sure beats coal and oil.

Wind power in central Indiana

Today I learned some good news about wind power in central Indiana. E.ON NA just received permits from Tipton and Madison Counties to begin construction of a 200 MW wind farm in Tipton, Madison, Grant, and Howard Counties. The Wildcat Wind Farm will add nearly 13% to Indiana’s renewable energy generation capability. This represents a [...]

If I Wanted America to Fail

One of the latest attacks on reasonable energy policy and conservation is a popular YouTube video titled “If I wanted America to fail,” produced by Free Market America. I was going to ignore this one, but one person asked for an evaluation, and another accused me of being a “lib” who can’t offer a “meaningful [...]

Perceptions of distance

It is amazing how perceptions of distance can differ between modes of transportation. One of the reasons I mostly stopped mountain biking years ago was the unfavorable comparison of total time dedicated to a ride and the actual ride time spent riding. The closest off road spot is a frustrating 25 minute or so drive [...]

Honesty & gas prices

In the past few weeks since gas has passed $3.40 per gallon, misunderstandings of what drives gasoline prices have once again become prominent. This has included a resurgence of the old supply-side myth with an emphasis on the source of the oil. Since this is a presidential election year, the opposing candidates have used and [...]

Data Furnaces

I read an interesting conference paper proposing the concept of a Data Furnace. The idea is that instead of placing servers in large server farms that must use significant power for cooling, smaller clusters of servers can be be distributed to locations that can use the additional heat, such as homes and apartment buildings. While [...]

The Bakken Formation Oil email

There is a new email circulating claiming that if we’d just drill for oil in the Bakken Formation, we could have inexpensive gas and could free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil. I was asked for my take on the email, so here is my evaluation. As always with this type email, the conclusion turns [...]

AMA Vintage Days Vetter Fuel Challenge

I’ve been following Craig Vetter’s motorcycle fuel economy projects for a couple years, and just noticed that he posted impressive new results. His goal is to create a vehicle that can safely and comfortably carry four bags of groceries on the highway on a windy day, and still get over 100 miles per gallon. In [...]

Renewable Energy for Your Home by Bryan and Belli

I saw this book on the featured shelf at the local library and it looked interesting. I only read this book quickly, so here is a nano-review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Renewable Energy for Your Home is a very basic intro to the different categories of home energy production and conservation for people who [...]