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Safe passing requirement enhanced in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne finally has a law stating that the minimum safe separation between a cyclist and a passing car is at least three feet! This is a good time to remind everyone what a safe pass looks like: Notice the steps of the pass: Begin to move over well behind the cyclist. Pass at a [...]

Clean your windshield

Yesterday was a good example of why it is important to always clean your car’s windshield completely before driving. I didn’t see the accident take place, but a car that was parked on the street was pushed about fifty feet down the road, onto the grass, and into a tree. This caused quite a bit [...]

Three Foot Passing Legislation in Indiana

For some reason Indiana doesn’t have an explicit law defining a minimum safe passing separation for cars and bikes passing each other. One law was almost passed a couple years ago, but ended up not being enacted. This needs to be addressed. Why is this important? The current law uses a subjective definition of safe [...]

National Drivers Test

To continue on my latest post… GMAC Insurance released their 2010 National Drivers Test results. The findings are interesting: If taken today, 18.4 percent of drivers on the road – amounting to roughly 38 million licensed Americans – would not pass a written drivers test exam. The national average score was 76.2 percent; a score [...]

Driver’s ed

According to statistics cited by Sarah Meyer (of the Indiana BMV) in testimony before an Indiana General Assembly Committee, teens who have taken driver’s education classes are involved in more accidents that those who haven’t. Meyer did mention that the results could be skewed by the fact that teens who complete a formal driver’s education [...]

The Indiana Pass

Bicycling around Indiana’s country roads, I’ve noticed that many drivers make unnecessarily dangerous passes. The road is wide open, but they still come uncomfortably close to hitting me. But unlike the typical close pass, the driver continues to move to the left after passing me, often driving in the opposite lane for up to a [...]