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Seat Belts and Climate Change

It is common to recognize that disasters that may happen are often worth taking precautions against, just in case they do happen. This is why insurance exists, and is part of the justification for things like flood walls and maintaining a powerful military. It is also the reason why certain safety equipment is mandated. Precautions [...]

Climate Change 101, narrated by Bill Nye

Are skeptics more knowledgable?

Last week I wrote that Open Access is important because it allows anyone to easily check that news articles match the science paper they claim to be reporting on. Today I was asked to comment on an article that turns out to be an excellent case study. The paper in question was published today in [...]

Rain flees the plow

There is increasing evidence that not only are we currently altering the global climate, but that humans have influenced regional climates in the past. A good place to start looking at this idea is today’s post on the NASA Earth Observatory. The paper discussed contributes to the evidence that Mayan agriculture contributed to the collapse [...]

SOPA & other problems

It is good to see all the opposition to SOPA and PIPA, including today’s website blackouts. The flow of information due to the right to free speech is necessary for a democracy to function. SOPA and PIPA will have a negative impact on free speech and fair use, all for the cause of allowing a [...]

The Optimism of the IPCC

In reading some sections of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007 (usually just called AR4) while looking for sources for another project, one thing really stood out: it is full of optimism. This optimism may surprise you. It certainly surprised me, given the severity of the environmental problems we must deal with in [...]


As someone who enjoys debunking myths and misconceptions, I found The Debunking Handbook by John Cook and Stephan Lewandowsky interesting. It is only six pages long, but includes some tips that will be useful for teaching in general as well as in debunking efforts.

Libertarians and the Earth

I am pro-clean air. I am pro-clean water.—Rand Paul Libertarians invariably claim they want clean air and water, but then go out of the way to ensure that gratuitous damage to the earth continues. An example of this pattern is Senator Rand Paul’s recent attempt to prevent the EPA from regulating cross-state pollution from power [...]


While reading a recent post on RealClimate, something that I noticed several years ago was reinforced: climate scientists are more careful at math than their detractors are. Even in a simple blog post, Ray Pierrehumbert is careful to avoid double-counting emissions. This is a nice contrast to the ‘skeptics’ who typically double-count the cost of [...]

Changing Planet, Changing Health by Epstein and Ferber

It is no longer a luxury to make our economy low-carbon and sustainable. It’s a matter of preventing harm to the species who dwell on the Earth, including our own. Just as an ailing patient can recover, so can an ailing planet. But we must act now. [page 5] Changing Planet, Changing Health by Paul [...]