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St. Marys River Watershed Project

After the success of the St Joseph River Watershed Initiative, its good to see that there is now a St Marys River Watershed Project. Before the SJRWI the St Joe water was so bad that it stung to touch it, now it is a good place to canoe. The St Marys Sewer River is in [...]

3RF canoe race

I just found a Journal-Gazette article on the Three Rivers Festival Canoe and Kayak Races. I haven’t been able to canoe much this summer, so I was very slow. It was still a fun race. It looks like it will be my only canoe race this year. At least I have been able to bike [...]

Bamboo canoe

Last night I received a link to a story about a canoe built of recycled chopsticks. This is an interesting idea, but I wonder about the durability. Granted, that isn’t the point of a project like this, but I like paddling canoes, not just looking at them. It seems that all the extra joints are [...]