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Astrophotography by Chris Kotsiopoulos

Check out the photography of Chris Kotsiopoulos. He has some impresive astrophotography on his website, and has been featured on APOD several times.

Formation of the Solar System

Sky and Telescope posted an interesting article summarizing recent models of the formation of the solar system.

Amazing eclipse pictures

I found this picture linked from APOD. The 2008 eclipse pictures on Miloslav Druckmüller’s site are by far the best use of HDR type photography I have seen. Most of the time people overdo the processing. This is perfect. Praesepae, Mercury, Moon, Comet and Corona up to 20 solar radii(© 2008 Miloslav Druckmüller, Peter Aniol, [...]


Todays RealClimate post about Venus and Venus Express is very interesting.