I'm picky about the keyboards that I buy. I have always liked IBM's short travel keyboards. The keys give a good crisp click, but are almost silent. IBM's superior keyboards made a difference. I could type around fifteen percent faster on an IBM keyboard than on an inexpensive one. Because of the keyboards, my last four notebooks were ThinkPads. Among non-IBM computers, Apple Powerbooks had the second best keyboards, but they were even more expensive than ThinkPads. The G4 iBooks keyboards were almost Powerbook quality, but in much less expensive computers. The MacBook keyboards look like cheep calculator buttons, but feel like they belong on a ThinkPad. Today, Apple introduced two new external keyboards that are basically MacBook keyboards in thin aluminum cases. Finally. These keyboards are less expensive than IBM's old thin keyboards, and should be easier to find. Now they just need to produce the Bluetooth version with a built-in TrackPoint.

iWork is a good office suite, but without a spreadsheet program. I need a spreadsheet, so I still need Microsoft Excel. Until today. Today Apple introduced Numbers. As of 20:00 UTC today, there so no reason for Microsoft to exist.